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Journal Entry #2

So in the course of my backpacking trip in Costa Rica a couple of months ago, I met several Europeans who came up to me excitedly when they found out I’m Filipino, and said that they enjoyed their trip to Asia but that they loved one particular county because of its natural beauty and the warmth and kindness of its people: the Philippines, of course.

Another common observation by them? That they didn’t find the food in the Philippines as good as other Asian countries, and they always mention Thailand, India, China, and Japan as some of the places whose cuisine just blew them away.

I always tell them that Filipino food is comfort food: it’s simple, homey, and it fills you up. For Filipinos, the simplicity is what makes it good; for example, I can eat a simple soup like nilarang or tinolang isda every day and not tire of it unlike, say, a more complex (and flavorful, what with all the...

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Rant #4

I never liked Gilbert Teodoro.

In case anyone needs reminding, he was nothing but a Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo lackey (I hated, and still hate, GMA, lol), which is a shame because he’s supposed to be a brilliant lawyer.

Teodoro was also the one who tried to talk Toto Mangudadatu into withdrawing his candidacy against Andal Ampatuan Jr., before the Maguindanao Massacre happened. We all know that what triggered the massacre was Mangudadatu challenging the Ampatuans’ reign. You might say, “Well, that was actually a good thing, right? Gibo trying to talk some sense into Mangudadatu. If he didn’t run, the massacre wouldn’t have happened.”

Except that why would you talk someone into not running for office, when the Philippines is a democracy? It’s everyone’s right to run for public office, if he or she satisfies the Comelec’s requirements. In case anyone needs reminding, it was GMA who asked...

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Random Thought #1

When people point to the Internet as one of the biggest problems plaguing us today, I’d have to disagree.

I’d say blame social media, Facebook in particular.

Life was good when we only had dumbphones. Life was good when we could only access the Internet through a desktop or laptop. Everything started going to shit when Steve Jobs decided that we all needed a computer in our pockets, when Android followed suit, and when Mark Zuckerberg decided that it was our business to know about everybody’s personal lives.

And yes, that I’m posting this through a smartphone isn’t lost on me.

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Rant #3

(Note: This was written a few weeks after Typhoon Odette hit the Visayas region and parts of northern Mindanao)

A few years ago, Cebu Pacific passengers experienced hell on earth at the NAIA Terminal 3. They were supposed to be flying home for the Christmas holidays, but they found out that, when they got to the airport, (1) their flight was massively delayed or, worse, (2) their flight was canceled altogether. We’re talking thousands of passengers here, so you can just imagine the chaos at the airport on that day.

Cebu Pacific blamed air-traffic congestion at the airport and the transfer of operations of five international airlines to Terminal 3. The airline company said that this contributed to the flight delays and cancellations. The head of NAIA at that time called bullshit on this. There were other domestic airlines in Terminal 3, he pointed out, and those airlines were able to...

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Rant #2

It’s not hard to understand why Toni Gonzaga is a Bongbong Marcos supporter: she sees herself in him. Both aren’t qualified for their jobs but because 90% of Filipinos are gullible and stupid anyway, she’s a successful actress and him a veteran politician. Why the fuck would you actually spend your hard-earned money to watch her movies, when she can’t act to save her life? Why the fuck would you actually vote for him, when he doesn’t know the meaning of public service?

Meanwhile, for those of us in the real world, those of us in the rat race, we actually need to do a good job or risk losing our livelihoods. I’ve worked all my professional life as a writer and editor, and if I didn’t know anything about my job, I would’ve been fired a long time ago. My wife, who’s been in sales for many years now, would’ve been fired a long time ago if she didn’t regularly hit her quota.


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Rant #1

I’m having a blast reading comments from Lakers fans on Facebook blaming their front office for the team’s current predicament. 😂

  1. Didn’t the front office know that Anthony Davis has a history of injury problems? He’s had several major injuries when he was still playing for New Orleans.

  2. Didn’t the front office know that LeBron James, with his impatience (he left the Cavs twice because he wanted to team up with other All Stars, instead of having the patience to let the team grow and develop organically), tends to leave teams gutted after getting what he wants, which is a championship? Teams are usually left without any assets, with the cupboard bare, and LeBron goes on his merry way to look for another team to jump to. Now that the Cavs are, surprisingly, playing well and playoff bound, Cleveland is his new target.

  3. Didn’t the front office know that Russell Westbrook isn’t the type of...

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Journal Entry #1

I am writing this in Mexico City. It’s the ninth of November, 2021, midafternoon–3:24 p.m. to be exact. Writing this is surreal. After a year and nine months, I’m back in North America. I left Mexico City in February of 2020, to attend the funeral of my mom. I planned to stay in the Philippines for only two months, but then the COVID-19 pandemic hit. My younger sister, who is now residing in Minnesota with her family, also went home but only stayed in the Philippines for a week. When the worldwide lockdowns because of the pandemic went into effect, my sister was still able to fly back to the United States (via South Korea). I, on the other hand, was stuck in the Philippines, not knowing when exactly I’d be able to leave the country.

The answer to that is September 22. I boarded a Cathay Pacific flight from Cebu City to Hong Kong, and then another Cathay Pacific flight from Hong Kong to...

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