Random Thought #2


Another thing I noticed here in Mexico is that everyone wants to get the COVID jab; Mexicans will take a day off work and troop to the vaccination centers. They generally don’t mind queu​ing up and waiting to get vaccinated, like majority of Filipinos back home. Also, I haven’t encountered any antivaxxer rallies.

I will continue wearing a mask in public here, even when, eventually, the mandates will be lifted soon; it’s a personal decision, and after two years living in this pandemic, I’ve gotten used to masking up anyway. And I don’t mind getting a regular booster shot as well, whenever it’s readily available.

Even six months ago, when the pandemic was still at its peak, I felt silly wearing a mask in the States: people would stare at me as if I were crazy. And at the Los Angeles International Airport, where I got my early booster of the J&J vaccine, a pop-up vaccination site at the arrivals area looked so sorry and had no takers that I just decided on a whim to sign up and get boosted, even though I received my second dose of Sinovac only a couple of months prior in Cebu. The volunteers were elated.

Imagine the US hoarding vaccine doses early in this pandemic just because they could, denying the poorer and more vulnerable countries the doses that they needed, only to face vaccine-hesitant Americans who are also averse to wearing masks? LOL

It’s funny, though, that all of that won’t matter in the end anyway if everyone gets nuked by Vladimir Putin. 😂


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