Random Thought #6


So majority of Filipinos actually believe that Rodrigo Duterte did a good job in his six years in office.

A lot of my Cebuano friends are disappointed to find out that Cebu voted overwhelmingly for Bongong Marcos, even though Leni Robredo won in Cebu in 2016.

There’s the rub: Leni won as VP in Cebu six years ago, but who won as president?

That’s right—Rodrigo Duterte.

BBM won in Cebu because, six years ago, Duterte won in Cebu.

The question: these Cebuanos actually believe that Duterte did a good job in his six years in office?

They voted overwhelmingly for BBM, so we know the answer.

I personally don’t agree, but then again, there’s that word—PERSONALLY. It doesn’t count.

I’d like to think—no, believe—that there’s a disconnect somewhere. There has to be. Right?

But again: it doesn’t matter.

Vox populi, ladies and gents—within and outside social media.

The people have spoken.


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