Random Thought #9

Let’s keep it simple.

I say the most important trait of a public official is that he/she should be content with – and be able to live with – the monthly salary that’s allocated for the position.

Let’s say a city mayor outside Metro Manila earns P128,696 per month. Why can’t someone live on that alone? It’s way more than the take-home pay of millions of Filipinos who are, right now, isang kahig isang tuka.

The problem started when Filipinos collectively decided that it’s perfectly normal for politicians to dip their hands into public funds.

The rest of us private citizens who eke out an honest living make do with what we earn. When we dip our hands into money that doesn’t belong to us, like the company payroll, for example – attention, HR and payroll people! LOL – we get sued and go to jail.

Why can’t public officials who steal money from the nation’s coffers go to jail like corporate thieves?

The only two politicians I see right now that won’t steal even when given the opportunity – and they have been given the opportunity – are Leni Robredo and Vico Sotto (correct me if I’m wrong, or if I missed someone – and in this case, I’d be glad to be corrected and/or if I missed someone).

So yes: you want to run for public office? Live within your means. The rest will follow.

How do we implement this, though? The fuck if I know. That’s why the Philippines is in deep shit right now – because we can’t control people in government from stealing.

Or worse, we approve of them stealing.


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