Rant #1

I’m having a blast reading comments from Lakers fans on Facebook blaming their front office for the team’s current predicament. 😂

  1. Didn’t the front office know that Anthony Davis has a history of injury problems? He’s had several major injuries when he was still playing for New Orleans.

  2. Didn’t the front office know that LeBron James, with his impatience (he left the Cavs twice because he wanted to team up with other All Stars, instead of having the patience to let the team grow and develop organically), tends to leave teams gutted after getting what he wants, which is a championship? Teams are usually left without any assets, with the cupboard bare, and LeBron goes on his merry way to look for another team to jump to. Now that the Cavs are, surprisingly, playing well and playoff bound, Cleveland is his new target.

  3. Didn’t the front office know that Russell Westbrook isn’t the type of player that can win you a chip? He’s a player who only cares about padding his personal stats and getting a triple-double. He has played with James Harden, Kevin Durant, and Bradley Beal with nothing to show for it. Now he’s playing with LeBron and AD, and the team is a miserable 27-31, good for ninth place in the west. Westbrook is a high-motor player with no jump shot that relies on his athleticism. He’s also a turnover nightmare and a dismal free-throw shooter. Now that he’s older and his athleticism is abandoning him, he’s more of a liability now than he ever was. Whoever thought of trading for him is an idiot.

It’s hard to win a championship in the NBA, and fans can get impatient. Front offices too. But you can’t have your cake and eat it too. You mortgage your future to be in “win now” mode, this is what things are going to look like.

Lakers fans should be thankful for the championship they got in the NBA bubble a couple of years ago. It doesn’t take a genius to see that they aren’t going to win a title anytime soon with their current team, and with the cupboard empty.


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