Rant #14

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While I agree that it’s better to teach children in their “mother tongue” in subjects except English because this will help them learn better, why don’t we define “mother tongue” first, shall we?

If we mean the Filipino language, which is really just Tagalog – I’m sorry, but that’s the truth – then we have a big problem here. A lot of Cebuanos, for example, are not comfortable speaking in “Filipino.” Sure they understand it, but they are not comfortable speaking it; they are more comfortable speaking English.

You know what irks me the most about Robin Padilla aside from the fact that – and let’s call a spade a spade – he’s stupid? His arrogance whenever he says “Mga Pilipino tayo, kaya dapat gamitin natin ang wikang Pilipino, lalo na sa Senado” – or words to that effect.

Sure we’re Filipino, but we each have our own regional languages that we use in our day-to-day lives, and not everyone is comfortable using Tagalog. Filipinos outside Luzon who prefer to communicate in English shouldn’t be labeled unpatriotic. They just prefer to speak in a language that they are comfortable in – aside from their own regional language of, for example, Cebuano or Hiligaynon, etc.

And Robinhood Padilla really shouldn’t feel so slick. The fucker, if you think about it, is actually monolingual. And the fact that he can only speak one language – Tagalog – is nobody else’s fault but his.


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